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Animal use at Pika haypiles highlight biodiversity in Bodie Hills

The Bodie Hills' unique geography characteristics lends itself to being one of the most biodiverse areas in the Great Basin. Understandably, many environmental, geological, ecological, and other scientific research have been conducted in this living laboratory. Local USFS scientist emerita and long-time pika researcher, Constance Millar, teamed up with expert camera trapper, Kenneth Hickman, to document pikas via camera traps in the Bodie Hills and surrounding areas. They photographed 26 of the 30 documented mammal species of the area and 10 bird species. The cameras were set near pika haypiles (caches of food) over the span of five years.

Learn more about this unique study and see some of the incredible images of wildlife captured by the research team. Here's a preview of the cute critters!

Yellow Bellied Marmot


Mountain Cottontail selfie


Photo taken in February 2019 on Aurora Canyon Road.

Winter Exploration

The Bodie Hills are a great place to recreate in the winter-time—perfect for a “tour” in the truest sense. Read the blog post to learn about where we recommend going, what to do, and what to take with you. 


Spring Peak mining update

On November 24th, 2020 BHCP conducted a site visit to Spring Peak to assess the drilling progress. Read the blog post to read about the hundreds of gallons of water that subcontractors for OcceanaGold said they were told to dump, what preparations they had to do as winter was arriving, and when they expect to resume operations.


Ecoflight video release

In this newly released flyover video, BHCP campaign coordinator Jora Fogg talks about the Bodie Hills with Ecoflight president and chief pilot Bruce Gordon. This particular video was filmed in June of 2020, a remarkably dry year, but Ecoflight has visited the area several times over the years so be sure to check out their other videos on their website or youtube channel.


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