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Vol. 6


K2 Gold has completed their Phase 1 helicopter exploration at Conglomerate Mesa. While they await their drill results from the lab, the company is charging forward with their harmful Phase 2 exploration plans which include new roads and hundreds of drill holes. They will likely submit this plan to the Ridgecrest BLM this week. As this frustrating saga continues to unfold, we need your support more than ever. In this newsletter, you'll learn about the upcoming project timeline, action you can take, insights from a K2 Gold investors meeting, and findings from a wildlife biologist, Rachel Woodard! As we fight to protect Conglomerate Mesa, we must remember why we fight this fight. We fight to show solidarity with the Tribal Nations who have long protected Conglomerate Mesa. We fight for social justice. We fight for wildlife, the Joshua Trees and Inyo Rock Daisies that can't speak for themselves. Together, we will send K2 Gold home and protect Conglomerate Mesa. Thank you for tuning in to Vol. 6 of the Conglomerate Mesa Newsletter.


K2 Gold Completes Drilling... Next Steps?

In mid-November 2020, K2 Gold completed their Phase 1 exploration plans for Conglomerate Mesa. The Vancouver company drilled 17 total holes over 4 different locations by helicopter only. No new roads were built for this work. At this time, the company is receiving drill results from the lab and recently announced results from the first three holes. While K2 Gold is awaiting the rest of their drill results, they are progressing their much more devastating Phase 2 exploration plans which include miles of new road construction and 120 new drill holes. The company has made it clear that the locals' desire to protect this landscape does not outweigh their corporate bottom line. But we have a chance to stop them... 

K2 Gold's Phase 2 plans will be reviewed by the Ridgecrest BLM and there will be a public comment opportunity for all. Tribal Nations, local residents, business owners, and desert public lands enthusiasts are prepared for this and will express their strong opposition to K2 Gold's exploration and any subsequent mining. We need you to be ready for this comment period as well. We expect K2 Gold to submit their Phase 2 plan to the BLM this week. If the Ridgecrest BLM takes a month to review their plan, we will likely see a public comment opportunity in late-January. Be prepared!

Insights From An Investor's Presentation

Two weeks ago, K2 Gold hosted a public investors meeting to share the status of the company, its financials, and the future of their "Mojave Gold Project." Friends of the Inyo and a few partners sat in on the presentation and K2 Gold confirmed what we already knew - That any mine at Conglomerate Mesa would be an open-pit cyanide heap leach gold mine. Though this is something we've understood for some time, it was helpful to have this confirmed by K2 Gold, as they have dodged this concern for some time. Additionally, K2 Gold alluded to their exit strategy, confirming what we have seen in the desert time and time again with penny stock exploration companies. They bull rush forward with exploratory drilling, fluff and exaggerate their findings, or drill known locations, and then sell their company to major mining corporations who then steamroll small communities with destructive projects.

K2 Gold Looks To Repeat Its Formula

K2 Gold is a reincarnation of Kaminek Gold, which sold to Goldcorp and Newmont for $520 million dollars in 2016. Kaminek Gold had the same CEO and Board Chairman as K2 Gold and these individuals currently own 18% of the company. If they sell their company and the Conglomerate Mesa mineral rights, they will be well greatly compensated. This is why local residents struggle to believe that this company has any interest in respecting the local's wishes. It is clear from this fact and from the treatment to the community that Lone Pine, Inyo County, local Tribal Nations, Keeler, and Conglomerate Mesa are simply pawns to a K2 Gold payday. K2 Gold has no social license for this work.

What's Being Done Now?

Friends of the Inyo and local partners are monitoring the drill sites to better our understanding of K2 Gold's work and to assess acreage impacts. We found that K2 Gold's work has well surpassed the 0.2-acre disturbance cap issued by the Ridgecrest BLM. FOI and partners submitted a letter to the BLM highlighting diesel spills, hydraulic oil spills, new trail development, and the sheer size of drill site impacts. We also requested that the Ridgecrest BLM assess these impacts before allowing any more K2 Gold operations to move forward. Mitigation must happen after this drilling is completed and a substantial amount of mitigation will likely be required since K2 Gold went over the disturbance cap for this project. The pictures below were taken by Friends of the Inyo and partners on monitoring trips in November. 


K2 Gold Background --- K2's "Mojave Gold Project" --- K2s Western Property Plan --- K2 Gold Website --- Presentations


  1. BE PREPARED - There will likely be a comment period in January.
  2. Sign the new "Protect Conglomerate Mesa" petition!
  3. Put Up A Yard Sign! - Email and he will bring you one.

Share this newsletter with your circles and make sure those who care about the California Desert understand that Conglomerate Mesa is no longer safe. Friends of the Inyo will not let you miss the opportunity for public comment when it arises. We will notify you through all of our channels, including this newsletter. Be prepared.

Findings From the Field: Wildlife Surveys w/ Rachel Woodard

Our aspirations to learn more about Conglomerate Mesa are never-ending and the California Desert community is blessed to have a number of talented wildlife biologists. Recently, our partner Rachel Woodard ventured to Conglomerate Mesa to survey the area for wildlife. Her game camera captured a number of amazing animals including a bobcat (left) and a kit fox (right). We are only scratching the surface of what wildlife romps about Conglomerate Mesa. Interestingly enough, these animals were spotted in the exact spot where K2 Gold proposes to plow a road into the Mesa. For these animals, and the ones unseen, we must protect the land. 

Get Your Yard Sign and Poster!

As K2 Gold ramps up their destructive Phase 2 drilling proposal, it is more important now than ever to show community opposition to their work. Contact to get your yard sign and poster today!



Support the permanent protection of Conglomerate Mesa from destructive gold mining. The petition gained 2,200 signatures in the first month. Let's keep the momentum going!



Other Desert News

  • Panamint Valley Lithium Exploration: Battery Minerals Inc. is in talks with the Ridgecrest BLM on a new lithium exploration plan that would allow approximately seven exploration sites in Panamint Valley, though this plan has not been released for public review yet. 
  • Alabama Hills National Scenic Area Implementation Plan: The Bishop BLM Office released the Alabama Hills National Scenic Area Draft Management Plan for public comment over the Summer. A final plan should be released before the end of the year. Stay tuned.

Permanent Protection Petitions

If you are a concerned citizen, own a business, or director an organization, please consider signing our hard copy petition to protect Conglomerate Mesa. While all support and signatures are welcome, we need as many Inyo County signatures as possible. This carries the most weight when influencing congressional champions and the county!

Please contact Bryan Hatchell at to sign.

This concludes Volume 6 of the Conglomerate Mesa Newsletter. Please reach out to about getting involved in the campaign. It is critical that we build a constituency of individuals, businesses, organizations, etc., who are ready at a moment's notice to mobilize into action. We need your help to defend Conglomerate Mesa!

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