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Everyone, meet 'Spokespebble' and a new National Conservation Lands Campaign called 'Respect. Connect. Protect.' 

In last month's Juniper, we introduced Take Care Sierra, an environmental protection campaign for our beautiful region launched by the Sierra Nevada Alliance together with Friends of the Inyo and dozens of other environmental organizations.

This month, we are introducing Respect. Connect. Protect., an awareness campaign of Conservation Lands Foundation, or CLF, a major funding partner to Friends of the Inyo. Respect. Connect. Protect. was launched in partnership with the Bureau of Land Management and members of CLF's Friends Grassroots Network.   

Whereas Take Care Sierra is a regional effort to protect the Sierra Nevada, Respect. Connect. Protect. (repectconnectprotect.org) is a national effort to safeguard National Conservation Lands, which are among the most essential and spectacular natural, cultural, and archaeological places in the country and include:

  • National Monuments
  • National Conservation Aeras & Similar Designations
  • Wilderness & Wilderness Study Areas
  • Wild & Scenic Rivers
  • National Scenic & Historic Trails

As CLF likes to point out, National Conservation Lands are places beyond and between national parks. Because many of them are truly Wilderness spaces, you won't find a list of rules posted anywhere about how to respect them, connect with them in a healthy way, and protect them. Therefore, the Respect. Connect. Protect. campaign seeks to inspire each of us to be better stewards of the land: empowering visitors to respect the awesome power of nature, connect with the splendor of the land, and protect its beauty.

Enter Spokespebble: "As strong as Smokey Bear, as wise as Woodsy Owl," CLF tells us, "Spokespebble is the official voice (and endearing face) of the Respect. Connect. Protect. campaign. A nature-loving hunk of million-year-old sedimentary rock who is young at heart and always on the go, Spokespebble is your guide to planning ahead, staying safe, and being awesome whenever you visit National Conservation Lands."

Have fun getting to know Spokespebble and his fun, engaging educational messages, and share them especially with friends who may not be as well versed in being out in nature as you might be. You can find many Spokespebble videos on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok @conservationlands, and on Twitter and YouTube @conservationLF.


Help Spokespebble spread the word!


Also in this issue of The Juniper:

  • If you have not yet read the Spring 2023 issue of our Jeffrey Pine Journal biannual magazine, we share it here in pdf format with you, and let you know how you can ensure you receive a printed copy in the mail for free, every time it is published.

  • Joseph Miller, our Indigenous Community Relations Coordinator, shares with journal-like detail and honesty his experience at the 2023 Burners Without Borders Summit last month.   

  • Lots of community events happening this month, with engagement and representation from Friends of the Inyo! Come and join us!

  • Want to leave a legacy for Eastern Sierra conservation? You can do that through your support of Friends of the Inyo and our work for generations to come by simply setting up a Legacy Gift. It's the most impactful charitable tool you can use to effect change without having to spend a penny during your lifetime.  

  • And more!

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Happy reading—and if you like what you read, happy sharing! 


Louis (Lou) Medina
Communications and Philanthropy Director

Jeffrey Pine Journal

Have You Read the Spring 2023 Issue of Our Magazine?

The Jeffrey Pine Journal (or "the JPJ" as we affectionately call it) is Friends of the Inyo's biannual magazine, which is now in its twenty-first year of publication. It is mailed out free of charge to all FOI members once in the spring and once in the fall. The Spring 2023 issue hit members' mailboxes in mid-May. You can read archived copies of the latest and past issues by visiting the Publications page of our website, FriendsoftheInyo.org/Publications

The JPJ is truly a grassroots effort, with stories and photos contributed by our staff, board, and community partners. We strive to always feature content highlighting environmental concerns and opportunities for exploration and learning that are unique to the Eastern Sierra.

For a donation of $35 or more in a 12-month period, you too, can become a Friends of the Inyo member and enjoy the convenience of free delivery right to your home of this handsome and relevant publication. Use the button below to become an FOI member today so you can start receiving the JPJ in the mail this fall. 



A Burning Connection

Experiencing Personal Growth at this Year's Burners Without Borders Summit

Joseph Miller, Friends of the Inyo's Indigenous Community Relations Coordinator, recently attended the 2023 Burners Without Borders Summit on the Burning Man Project-owned Fly Ranch, located on the Hualapai Flat near Gerlach, NV. The experience was for him a time of learning, self-reflection and pride, as he witnessed fellow Indigenous leaders share land stewarding techniques with receptive diverse participants. In a detailed account that reads as intimately as diary entries, Joseph shares with us what he learned, saw, heard, and admired about the experience, and the new connections he made. 

Conglomerate Mesa

Our Coalition Newsletter is Back!

The Conglomerate Mesa Coalition's Newsletter is back after a long hiatus! It has undergone a major refresh with a new look and a new name, Inyo to Coso, which reflects our commitment to protecting the lands surrounding Conglomerate Mesa, from the Inyo Mountains to the Coso Mountains. Thank you for reading, sharing, and supporting Inyo to Coso.


(Events Listed Chronologically)

Make Your Voice Heard! Comment on the Bureau of Land Management’s Public Lands Rule! In-person public meeting in Reno on Thursday, June 1 - that's this evening and Friends of the Inyo will be there! Online public meeting on Monday, June 5. Submit written comments by Tuesday, June 20! Use the button below to get more details and useful links, and to participate in this important democratic process to protect our cherished public lands. Thank you!


Friends of the Inyo and Keep Long Valley Green will be tabling together at the second annual Eastern Sierra Pride Festival at the Tri-County Fairgrounds, 475 Sierra Street, in Bishop. We will be at the open market Saturday, June 3rd, from 11AM till 5PM. Please stop by to get some free stickers and literature, and to chat with our volunteers! 

Keep Long Valley Clean!

Help Friends of the Inyo and the Keep Long Valley Green Coalition (KLVG) keep Long Valley clean Sunday, June 4th from 10AM till 1 PM. 

It is time for KLVG’s biannual trash cleanup on the section of US 395 we have adopted. Come hang with us and give back to the community, while hopefully enjoying some sunshine too! The cleanup will be hosted by Friends of the Inyo’s Policy Associate, Water and Forest Campaign Manager Allison Weber, who is also the KLVG Coalition Organizer. Participants will enjoy refreshments, scenic views of the very green Long Valley and snowy mountains, and conversation on all things Long Valley and Eastern Sierra.

Interested? RSVP here. 

Trash bags, grabbers, gloves, and safety vests will all be provided. Carpooling options available. Contact allison@friendsoftheinyo.org with any questions or concerns.

Inyo350: Food, Friends & Desert Lands Protection!

Friends of the Inyo's Policy Associate, Desert Lands Campaign Manager Kayla Browne will give an update on Conglomerate Mesa at the Thursday, June 15, in-person meeting of environmental and social justice volunteer organization, Inyo350. The evening meeting will take place at First United Methodist Church, 205 N Fowler Street in Bishop (next to the high school). There will be a potluck starting at 6 PM, with program following at around 6:30 PM.

For more information about this or any other Inyo350 happenings, please visit inyo350action.org or write to inyo350action@gmail.com.




US 395 is humans' "migration route" up and down the Eastern Sierra. Well, it's also the Mule Deer's migration route. These adorable, skittish deer cross it from east to west year in and year out on their quest for food and water, including to and from Long Valley, with the changing of the seasons.

Share the road. Watch for deer. Protect wildlife. We humans are the ones racing at unnatural speeds.

The latest issue of the Keep Long Valley Green Coalition's monthly newsletter, Every Last Drop, has sobering information (including deer mortality statistics) to help you be kinder, more vigilant, as you drive past our friends' migration routes. They were here before we and our roads were. And...Look up: How could you not slow down for that face?!

Use the first button below to read the latest issue of Every Last Drop. Share it with someone. Use the second button below to subscribe to the newsletter if you have not done so already.  

Happy reading - and if you like what you read...Happy sharing!

Click here to access past issues of Every Last Drop.

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BHCP Newsletter

Have you subscribed yet?

The second edition of the resurrected quarterly Bodie Hills Conservation Partnership E-Newsletter (following a long hiatus) was published earlier this spring! Read it here to keep up with all things Bodie Hills. You can also sign up to receive it in your e-mail inbox FREE using the button below.

In between newsletters, keep up with Bodie Hills news on social media: The Bodie Hills Conservation Partnership (BHCP) has launched an Instagram, @bodiehills, this year to augment its social media following on Facebook and Twitter


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You have probably seen this year's Eastern Sierra Fishing Guide in shops and service stations up and down the US 395 corridor this spring. The Fishing Guide is always an eagerly awaited FREE publication that is popular among local and visiting anglers, as well as the general public. It is a source of local pride. Page 19 of this year's edition features Friends of the Inyo's full-page ad highlighting our Legacy Giving Program, which is a great way to ensure conservation for the precious lands of the Eastern Sierra for generations to come by supporting Friends of the Inyo. Simply put, a Legacy Gift is an impactful charitable tool that allows you to invest in the future of a favorite nonprofit organization or cause without having to spend a penny during your lifetime.

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